Two Baby Turbans – Pattern Couch Test

There are a number of cut baby turban patterns floating around the internet. I was completely inflated and decided that I must make one for Miss B.

They looked simple enough and something I could achieve quickly and so I set off.

The first pattern I attempted was a knitted version. I couldn’t find a proper copy of the pattern, just this video from Cool Creativity and and the following image only pin on Pinterest. 

Now, neither of these patterns gave any measurements, size or gauge. However, the baby in the picture looked similar enough age to B, so I figured it would fit. We will call this Emma’s fist mistake!

I should have carried out some calculations based on the gauge of my yarn and Miss B’s head measurements. But I didn’t. I was able to create quite a nice turban as you can see below.

However, it is rather large for an 8 week old (not obvious in the picture I know). Indeed it appears it will fit B, when she is 4 or so. I am also not quite sold on the shape, but I have not been able to find a child with the right size head to try it on. 

After this failure, I decided to attempt a crochet version of the beanie. I decided to use this pattern from This Mama Makes Stuff. Now we approach Emma’s second mistake, I still did not measure the head of Miss B or compare it to a size chart and just started off making the 0-3 month old size. When I was halfway done, I attempted to put the beanie on B. It was too small.

It would appear that B’s rather large head size put her in the 3-6 month size (just). So I frogged back and added some more increases. Finally I ended up with a beanie that fit!

It turned out as cute as I hoped, as you can see. I also found the turban loop a good place to attach a bow, which can be removed at will, thanks to a hair clip.

I found that the technique of wrapping the yarn to create a turban coulld really be applied to any beanie pattern to create a turban and next time I would probably use a digf Brent base pattern and just apply this technique. Particularly for the knitted version.

However, it was quite fast and did work out super cute, so I suggest you give it a try.


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