Infant Peasant Dress – Pattern Couch Test

This weekend we celebrated my father’s 60th birthday. I wanted Baby B to have a nice dress to wear, however the options in size 000 were few and far between and anything I could find that was suitable was far to extravagantly expensive for a dress which will only fit for a month longer and she will have no other occasions to wear. Therefore I decided to make a dress for her

I used a pattern and tutorial from Sew Much a Do to create a simple peasant dress because it looked easy, cute and most importantly achieveable during nap time, and it was! 

Overall I am a relatively average seamstress. I can produce reasonably good results with simple patterns if I really take my time and don’t rush, but really need more experience to become proficient. Thankfully this dress was super easy to sew and it only took me about 2 hours to complete. 

I used a poplin fabric I found at Spotlight with a super cute feather motif (they had heaps of beautiful poplins at spotlight, it was difficult to choose!). I decided on poplin, despite it being too lightweight of a fabric for winter because I figured she could wear it with tights and a body suit and then if I did have another girl in warmer weather it would still be suitable.

The pattern was easy to cut with only 2 each of 2 pattern pieces needed and the pieces are both symmetric, meaning no worrying about cutting the wrong way. I lengthened the dress a little so that it was mid-calf, rather than knee length.

The required fabric was 3/4 of a yard, so I bought 3/4 of a metre. This was more than ample and a there was enough to make some bows and still probably enough to make a set of bloomers (nappy cover) for summer wear. The only notions required (other than thread) was a small amount of elastic, so this dress worked out very cheap, about $10.

The sewing and assembly was uneventful. The most difficult step was hemming the sleeves, but as it says in the tutorial, just go slow and you will be fine. I also noticed that even if the stitching isn’t perfect, this will be hidden by the gather of the sleeve. However I decided not to gather the sleeves as I thought that simple hemmed sleeves would be easier to wear over a long sleeve bodysuit. I did leave a smal, opening to add elastic later if I wish to. 

For this project I also bought a pair of pinking shears as driving to the store, with a baby, in the rain seemed faster and easier than getting out my serger and making it work. This was a good decision as pinked seams were super fast and easy and probably what I will use for most of the children’s clothing I make, excepting things that will take a lot of wear and washing (like pajamas). 

For the hem at the bottom of the dress, I used my machine’s feather stitch. Fancy stitches may seem a bit useless when you get a machine, but they are great for embellishing children’s clothes!

To finish the dress I added one of the feathers I crocheted to the front. I wanted to add all three of the white and coloured feathers, but ran out of time. I may add them later.

In conclusion this was a super easy and quick dress to sew and I enjoyed making it. The results were great and Baby B looked fabulous, particularly with the right accessories. 


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