I am stuck!

At the moment I am stuck on the couch, for hours everyday, having the life sucked out of me. This may sound dramatic, but there are hundreds of thousands of women in the same situation in every country across the globe (they may not all have couches,  but they are still stuck somewhere). Six weeks ago, my husband and I welcomed the beautiful Baby B into our lives and as you will know if you have any experience with newborns they need to be fed, a lot.

 I am exclusively breastfeeding so this means hours every day spent sitting on the couch with a baby attached to my boobs. She also, at the moment, will only take daytime naps if she is either in the car, walking in the stroller or being held (and often only if comfort sucking while falling asleep). I don’t like to drive the car unless necessary and while we take a walk every afternoon unless it is pouring with rain, this translates as even more time sitting around.

Thankfully I have been able to figure out how to feed and sleep her while still having both hands free, which has allowed me to continue with my crafting and keep myself feeling somewhat productive and sane (and yes feeding a baby is very purposeful, but it does get rather repetitive). However I have found that, when I am not bleary-eyed and exhausted from being up half the night, my emphasis has changed slightly. Previously my craft, knitting and crochet in particular, were mainly used for decompression after work, however now I find myself more interested in pattern tweaking and creation as a method of intellectual stimulation. 

The purpose of this blog is to record some of the patterns and projects that I work on and hopefully I can keep it up.


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